Places in Europe to Backpack on a Budget

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For amazing architecture, picturesque landscapes and vibrant culture there are so many countries in Europe that are worth visiting, however with common tourist destinations comes an ever-expanding cost. If you fancy the idea of backpacking to see parts of the world, there are some European countries, ones that you might not realise, that can offer a budget friendly experience and a great way to discover the sights.

Budapest, Hungary

Despite becoming a popular tourist haven, Budapest remains relatively cheap to visit and is a great place for backpackers as there is so much to see. Steeped in history and with beautiful castles and cathedrals, it offers so many visuals wonders and for backpackers there are hostels across the city. It also has plenty of restaurants that have affordable prices and is home to ‘ruin’ bars which is an old run-down building full of many smaller bars, offering choice and diversity all night long for those who like to party.

Istanbul, Turkey

Not only are there cheap flights to Turkey but it is also a country that is easy to get around, thanks to its budget friendly, efficient bus services. In Istanbul you can find some great priced rooms, if you don’t mind travelling a little away from the centre, the cheaper it will be. Immerse yourself in the city’s Grand Bazaar, one of the world’s largest and oldest markets which is home to over 4,000 shops, where you can pick from a cornucopia of food, snacks and trinket souvenirs. And if you hit the partying hard Turkish style, you can always ease away the next day’s hangover in one of its many Hamams (Turkish bathes) and feeling revived for more sightseeing around glorious mosques and museums.

Bucharest, Romania

This is a destination that may not spring straight to your mind, but there is something charming about this underdog, which was once dubbed the Paris of the East. It is one of the cheapest places to backpack in Europe and holds an interesting history evident in its architecture, none more so than its Palace of Parliament, the second largest building in the world. Public transport is cheap, in addition to the food and you can find many free things to do within the city. Despite being the birthplace of Dracula, this is one cultural destination that won’t bleed you dry, but instead will give you a lot for your budget.

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