Hajj 2024

We are thrilled to share the exciting news as a “Official Hajj Guides” for Al-Bait Guests (Duyuf Al-Bait), extending our commitment to offering support and guidance to UK pilgrims. Al-Bait Guests stands as one of the most esteemed Hajj providers in Saudi Arabia.

It’s crucial to note the recent changes in the organisation of Hajj for UK pilgrims. The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has designated specific local companies in Saudi Arabia to organise Hajj for pilgrims from the UK and other Western countries. As part of this transition, prospective pilgrims must book packages through an online portal (Nusuk) provided by authorised companies in Saudi Arabia. Direct sales by UK companies and collection of payments will not be in practice.

To enhance the overall pilgrim experience, provide comprehensive support, and address past challenges, UK companies are permitted to collaborate with authorised Saudi companies. 

To stay up to date, including new developments, launch dates, and other vital information, we encourage you to register your interest at your earliest convenience.

Join us for Hajj 2024 for a journey to remember.

Currently, the booking of packages is unavailable as they have not yet been released on the Nusuk platform. We recommend the following steps:

  1. Establish an account on Nusuk by visiting https://hajj.nusuk.sa/. Additional guidance can be found at this link: https://hajj.nusuk.sa/media.

  2. Al Bait Guests has established a Telegram broadcast channel for important updates and general information – https://t.me/+VqTXl44lNosyZDRk

  3. Stay informed about all information related to Hajj 2024 by registering your interest with us.