Checklist Before Travelling Abroad

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Holidays are your me time, for fun, relaxing and culture but it is worth doing a bit of homework before travelling anywhere abroad. By doing a little research and a little forward planning you can maximise your time away and save yourself any potential worries with this forward-thinking agenda.

Read up on your destination

It may seem obvious but doing your research on your chosen destination can help you get the best out of your stay. Check weather reports for the best time of year to go and investigate the local transport options so you know how to navigate around the area.

It is also worth reading about what the culture is like where you are going, particularly with countries that are religious. It is nice to respect the customs of where you are so observing dress codes or not taking photos of sensitive locations may be something you might have to consider.

Get your health in order

Before travelling abroad make sure you seek medical advice regarding the country you are visiting. It is not always applicable to have vaccinations to travel abroad but if you do, what you will need will vary between countries. The vaccinations required will also be dependent on what time of year you are travelling (for example if it’s the country’s rainy season), how long you will be staying, and another factor will be your age and health.

It is advisable to get your health checks with your GP for travelling around 6-8 weeks before your departure. This is to allow them to take affect and, in some cases, you may need repeat doses.

 Be document savvy

Again, this may seem obvious but it’s surprising how many people book a holiday on impulse without even checking that their passport is still valid! So, make sure that your passport is up to date and it is best to ensure this has six month’s validity past your length of stay as this is now a compulsory requirement for many countries. Also check whether the country you are visiting requires you to have a visa and if so, ensure this is organised well in advance of your travels and make sure you have insurance for your trip to cover any eventualities.

With all your travel documents, keep these in a secure place and try not to take them on your person unless necessary. It is also good practice to take copies of these so you have back-ups in case of an emergency.

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