What Does The Future Of Travel Hold?

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When we used to think about the future, our notions would be often influenced by pop culture, of flying cars, of self- lacing shoes and of vacations in space. But these flights of fancy that used to seem so surreal and far-fetched are now becoming the realities of our techno advancing world. So, as we break new boundaries, what could this look like for the future of travel.  Here are three ideas of what we might see on our holiday horizon

The Techno Holiday

Hotel staff have become obsolete, now everything is done digitally by robots and computers. Check in by retinal scan, a virtual chef at the buffet who creates whatever food you desire, a room that mimics any view or weather that you like. Sensory beds produce the best night’s sleep possible and the room gently generates a mist of self-tan so you can achieve the perfect colour without having to go in the actual sun. The ultimate getaway where you do not have to interact with another soul (if that’s what you want)

The Mindful One

For those that reject the ever-increasing impersonal feel of the digitised holiday, who want to get back to nature and to themselves will opt for the communal getaway.  Like a giant outdoor Air BNB, where people pay what they feel, bring minimal possessions and log off from all devices to feel at one with the world. Food will be foraged, sourced together and mindfulness will be at the forefront of all activities. It will be the ultimate rejection of what is happening in the ‘real’ world and it will be a challenge to find what little land we have left that is still unspoilt.

The Space One

The idea of vacationing in space once would have been the plot of a sci-fi film but now could become a reality, albeit for the very wealthy. Taking an orbit around the Moon is said to be on the horizon for two people who have paid SpaceX a handsome sum for the once in a lifetime privilege. But if the idea takes off and becomes more commonplace, the cost could then reduce, allowing more than just the rich and famous the chance for the definitive selfie of our times. Expect a lengthy training session and a long trip but it will be worth if for the Instagram likes.

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