5 Of The Best Ski Destinations Around The World

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While some people are into sunny and energetic summers, some are interested in winters and have a thing for white fluffy snow. Many people expect winters so that they can enjoy a number of fresh off-piste rides with breath-taking mountainous landscapes. Below are 5 of the best ski destinations worldwide that can bring fresh and unforgettable adventures.


France acquires a reputation for the most popular winter destination in Europe. One of the main reasons is that this country is located in the hearts of most European skiers. Visitors can enjoy the modern facilities, stunning slopes and mountains, beautiful resorts along with wonderful atmosphere here. You can find it in the French Alps, and enjoy the resorts of Tignes and Chamonix that offer family-friendly services.


One of the greatest resorts worldwide belongs to Canada, and Whistler is particularly a wonderful ski destination in this country. Not only can tourists take pleasure from seeing a number of spectacular forests and mountains, but the resorts also offer magnificent skiing, ranging from off-piste rides to great forest trails.


Bulgaria ranks third in the list given that it is well-known for being the best cheap skiing place all over the world. It is great to know that this country has been investing an enormous amount of money on tourist infrastructure and skiing facilities are certainly modern and live up to visitors’ expectations. To top it off, the price remains reasonable, and therefore Bulgaria is absolutely a promising skiing destination.


Tourists definitely enjoy a wide range of skiing destinations in the US, including the Rockies, Aspen, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Jackson Hole and so forth. Another fabulous thing is tourists will find it easy to choose an ideal place, due to a variety of destinations, ranging from gentle beginners’ slopes to challenging terrains.


Switzerland is among the top interesting skiing destinations worldwide due to the variety of terrains here. In particular, Zermatt is famous for the towering Matterhorn and stunning lakes and towns, and thereby not only can you enjoy skiing, but you can also take a lot of beautiful photos in this beautiful country.

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