The Best Ways To Travel

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Travelling is one of the most exciting parts of life. The brilliant feeling you get when you wake up in the morning, the excitements as you arrive at the airport, dock or train station, the amazing feeling you get when you take in a deep breath of the exotic, foreign air. There are so many reasons that travelling is such a fantastic experience. Plus, teleportation hasn’t been invented yet, so let’s talk about the different methods of travel!

By Boat

There’s nothing more satisfying that when Man sets out to tame the sea. Travelling by boat may not be the quickest way to travel, but it’s still a remarkable experience, and definitely worthwhile for those who are willing to brave the harsh waves, salty air and, of course, the occasional splashing. There’s no doubt about it, a good, old fashioned boat ride is an awesome way to travel. Although maybe you shouldn’t do it right after watching Titanic…

By Car

Road trips are certainly one of the most enjoyable adventures to go on when it comes to travelling. Nothing matches the feeling of you, your family, a good rationing of supplies and equipment and your trusty vehicle to take you on the ride. Watching as the country races by, the sound of the tires roaring against the asphalt, the sound of the car engine growling eagerly, there are so many things that make travelling by car a unique and enjoyable experience.

By Train

What better way to enjoy a journey than enjoy it on a living example of Human ingenuity? Trains are built for comfort and luxury, running smoothly along their tracks as they speed across the countryside, lights going out as they pass through the occasional tunnel. It certainly makes for a truly magical trip and is both an enjoyable and interesting experience.

By Aeroplane

Not only is this by far the most efficient and quick way to travel, but it’s arguably the most entertaining and magical. Flying high in the sky, sun beaming against the wings of the plane, the soothing sound of wind rushing past the cabin, and what’s better? There are staff that come around giving you a chance to get a drink and a bite to eat! It certainly makes the phrase “I believe I can fly” much more feasible, right? When you boil it all down, nothing beats soaring sky-high as you approach your destination!

At the end of the day, regardless of whether you enjoy tearing through the waves of the sea, rushing across roads, rolling over railways, or soaring through clouds high in the sky, travelling is a wonderful thing, and the magic of it is there no matter how you decide to do it. Either way, we hope you enjoy your safe and happy travels and we thank you for reading!

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