10 Tips for Getting a Money-Saving Travel Deal

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We all need a holiday from time to time, but jetting off abroad can be expensive. If you have children or a large family, the costs can soon mount up. Here are 10 handy tips for getting a great travel deal to save some of your hard-earned cash:

  1. Always compare prices. This goes for hotel rooms, flights, insurance, transfers and even the cost of sun lotion. Take the time to compare online and make sure you’re getting the cheapest deal for everything.
  2. Be flexible on your dates. Sometimes, even changing your travel dates by one day can make the holiday much cheaper.
  3. Travel light. If you don’t need to pay for hold luggage, you can save as much as £20 or more pounds per person, per flight.
  4. Get an exchange rate busting credit card. Provided you schedule a direct debit to pay off the card immediately (so you don’t have to pay any interest), some credit cards offer better exchange rates when taking out cash abroad than any bureau de change.
  5. Travel in low season. It can be difficult when you have school age children, but if you can travel outside of peak season you’ll find that prices are far cheaper.
  6. Make your own food. Making sandwiches for the plane and cooking one or two meals while you’re away (if you have a self-catering apartment with the right facilities) can save you a considerable amount of cash.
  7. Consider a private room rather than a hotel. If you just need a comfortable base to explore a city or with easy access to the beach, take a look at sites offering private rooms. They can be much cheaper, and sometimes you get the whole property to yourself.
  8. Enjoy free attractions. Nearly every destination has some free attractions, from museums and galleries to parks and free walking tours.
  9. Book last minute. If you can get away at a moment’s notice, this is when the real holiday bargains are to be had.
  10. Get annual rather than single-trip travel insurance. If you plan to travel more than once in the year, this can be a far cheaper option.

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