How to Prepare Before Travelling

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Travelling can end up being hectic if no preparation is done. From where you are going to stay to getting the best deal for flight, it is vital to be prepared.


Before any holiday is booked it is important to check that your passport is still valid and not damaged. It is also essential to recognise that it can take many weeks for a new passport to arrive, so should be applied in advance.  

Printed or electronic copies of your passport or any other important documents should be available to you, if any problems such as losing your original should happen. To be extra safe, you can research on what to do if you do lose your passport, and what procedures to follow.


Vaccinations are needed before going to certain places to avoid getting diseases, so a visit to your doctors for information before your flight is necessary. Visiting a legitimate website such as the NHS, will provide detail information on what vaccinations are needed. This should be done weeks ahead as vaccination can take up to a month.

Emergency Contacts

If something happens to you such as falling ill, keeping emergency contacts with you will help medical professions know who to speak with. Again there should also be a back up of your emergency contacts.

Accessories for Your Electronics

The last thing you want is taking your electronics and realising that your adapters do not work. There are different outlets in different countries, so researching which one you need will save you a lot of time once you arrive. It is also practical to purchase a portable charger, for the days you are out and there isn’t a socket close to you. These can be used for multiple devices. Bringing extra batteries for your camera will be useful in case you do lose any.

Learning Basic Phrases

When going to a foreign country, it will be helpful if you learn a few key phrases, such as “hello”, “goodbye”, how to order food and so on. This will help with interactions with the locals if you do end up needing help. There are many books available to help with translation. Better yet, download an app.

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