Travelling With Kids – 3 Ways to Prepare (and Stay Sane!)

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Taking your children on holiday can be a wonderful experience, as you can relax and explore the world together as a family. However, it can also be tremendously stressful unless you take steps to prepare. Kids have very different (and many more) needs compared to adults, so you need to be ready to tackle all problems and keep those little ones entertained.

Follow these 3 tips to have a fantastic and stress-free family holiday:

Factor in extra time for everything

However long you think it will take you all to travel to the airport or hop on a train, double it. Young children in particularly love to explore and take their time, and you’ll only create more stress for yourself by putting too much time pressure on things. If you know you have extra time, you can relax and enjoy the experience.

Load a device with child-friendly games and apps

Keeping children entertained is one of the biggest challenges while travelling. You don’t need to drag a huge bag full of toys and books with you though, not when there are literally millions of child-friendly apps you can use to distract and entertain them. There are plenty of devices available for children too, so there’s no danger of your own tablet getting destroyed or lost.

Prepare for every eventuality

Of course, you can’t prepare for every single situation you may encounter while travelling. What you can do is to pack for the weather and for the likely needs and wants for your kids. For example, pack both sunscreen and wet weather gear, hardy footwear and lots of removable layers. You can also pack snacks and juice to fend off tantrums, and prepare for any bathroom situations too with nappies, wipes and spare clothing.

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