Holidays On A Budget

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Whether you’re on a budget or not, everyone enjoys a holiday. From the expensive flights to the pricy hotels, it is not possible for many to experience, even for just a few days. However, researching and knowing the right places to look, will help save money. By following a few examples listed below will benefit anyone on a budget.

Knowing The Right Time To Travel

Timing is key when you’re looking to save money. If travelling in the school holidays or any holiday time, there wont be much to choose from if on a budget. Tickets are significantly cheaper if the right dates are picked. Don’t fly out on Fridays or Saturdays. Weekdays tend to be slightly cheaper. October is also a cheaper time to travel.

Weigh Your Luggage

Know how much you’re allowed to take. Going over the weight restriction will cause you to pay more, when can easily be avoided if done correctly. So weigh your luggage beforehand so you don’t have to worry about excess baggage charges on the day. Remember to keep space for items you may bring back.

Take Your Own Food

Being prepared with your own food will be much cheaper than buying at airports. Many airlines charge for food on the plane, so taking your own lunch and snacks will save you a small fortune.

Home Swap

One way to save a huge amount of money, especially if on a tight budget, is to house swap. This is simply, swapping homes with someone else for a week or so. There are many websites available to help you with this, so why not take advantage? Remember to do full research and go through sites which can fully be trusted.

Book Parking In Advance

If you decide to park at the airport, pay in advance. Not only will it be less stress on the day, but much cheaper too. Do your research online as there are many deals available all year round.

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