3 Great Destinations For The Summer

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Once summer comes around, the idea of going on holiday appeals to many of us. Depending on the type of person you are, there are many different types of destinations that are available to give you different experiences. Here are a few examples of different kinds of holiday destination.

Marrakech, Morocco


If beach holidays do not interest you, visiting Morocco will be a great alternative. Known as the ‘Red City’, Marrakech can be visited all year round regardless of the season. Keep an eye out for the souks, mouth watering food, art galleries and amazing tea, and many more that should be experienced by anyone visiting. With many activities and tours available, make sure you put aside time to go to a museum and learn more about Morocco and its history. Most importantly, remembering a camera is a staple with all the amazing views you’ll come across.

Tokyo, Japan


Visiting Tokyo is defiantly a place to go for anyone who enjoys travelling. With all the sight seeing, places to go and food to enjoy, it will be a trip you’ll never forget.

Going to the Tokyo sky tree should be on your to do list. Opened in 2012 and standing at 634m, the tower includes many things to do such as visiting the shopping centre, located at the base. Visiting the local markets will be a great way to understand Tokyo more and able to taste the different style of food.

Rome, Italy


Rome the capital of Italy is a place with many things to see, from the architecture to the history and art. It is a great destination place to visit for anyone. The first obvious thing a tourist may do is see the colosseum. Rightfully so, It is visited by almost 4 million people per year. To gain a better understanding of the culture, visiting the museums will give you more knowledge. Whilst there, there’s nothing like eating pizza or pasta in Italy.

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