The best 5 countries to visit for summer 2018

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The world is a wonderful place, with natural wonders, amazing cultures, beautiful Man-made structures and gorgeous sights all over it. With so many destinations to choose from, you may not be able to make up your minds on where to go, so here’s a list of the best holiday destinations in the world. Enjoy!

1 – Nicaragua
This country’s gorgeous colonial cities and white, sandy beaches are some of the most beautiful and breath-taking in the world. In fact, some say that Nicaragua offers the best experience in central America, with phenomenal rain forests, epic surfing waves and nineteen different volcanoes. Travel precautions should still be taken, as it doesn’t have the best reputation, but you’ll generally find Nicaragua to be overwhelmingly kind and hospitable.

2 – Portugal
After five years of deep economic crisis, Portugal is on the rise. In the gorgeous countryside and the beautiful coastal cities, tourism is booming. You’ll be sure to find low rents and hotel costs, historically-rich neighbourhoods, never-ending nightlife and some of the best weather in Europe. This beautiful country is filled with quaint fishing towns, glorious wildlife reserves and sunny, balmy beaches that make this strong-willed nation somewhere you’ll want to have on your list.

3 – Finland
Finland has an interesting and complex culture, being a mix of Nordic, Russian, Western and indigenous identities that make the country somewhat charming. In 2017, the country celebrated a hundred years of independence, and they deserve it, being a creative, artistic powerhouse filled with music festivals, sporting competitions, gorgeous architecture and fantastic nature reserves filled with brown Bears. This one has to be on the list.

2 – Namibia
This gorgeous landscape is the promised land for ambitious photographers, filled with beautiful weather, cinematic environments, bronze deserts that extend all the way to a skeleton coast where Atlantic waves crash against the shore, deep, swooping canyons and some of the most impressive wildlife in the world, including Lions, Rhinos and Elephants. It doesn’t exactly have handfuls of huge cities, but it’s a fantastic destination nonetheless.

1 – Taiwan
This has to be one of the most phenomenal places on Earth. With the cultural remnants of the islands’ past being occupied by both the Japanese and the Americans, Taiwan offers a culturally-enriching experience that one should be grateful to enjoy. High-speed trains will whizz you through ingenuous cities where ancient temples sit side-by-side with modern architecture, to mysterious, steamy forests surrounded by majestic, jagged mountains. Plus, the natural aspect of the country is gorgeous, with bubbling hot springs and sunny and sub-tropical shores. This is a place you want to see at some point in your life.

Hopefully, this list gives you some idea. What are you waiting for? Many travellers are only just waking up to the fantastic experiences that these destinations offer, so don’t miss out. Pack your bags and find your utopia! Thanks for reading and enjoy your holiday!

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