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Over the years, Sky Direct Travel has successfully established itself as a renowned and leading provider of Hajj and Umrah services in UK. We are considered as the top Hajj and Umrah tour operators which offer astounding deals on Hajj and Umrah packages. We promise to offer an ultimate experience in your pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia at the most affordable prices. Sky Direct Travel brings the most affordable Hajj and Umrah package which promises perfect journey without any hassle. As one of the most dynamic Umrah operator in UK, we allow customers to create their own packages according to their needs, budgets and time. Our agency has enhanced the quality of Hajj and Umrah sector by providing superb accommodation, smooth transportation, amazing food and truly reliable service. We are working hard to take religious travel to the standards of international tourism and travel industry. We are proud to be known as the pioneer in the industry of religious tourism.

The backbone of our agency is the long list of happy clientele. As an experienced and successful tour operator in the field of Hajj and Umrah specialized services, we truly guide you, design a reliable package and deliver the commitment so that you perform the religious obligations without any hassle. It is a right time for you to plan your Hajj and Umrah visit and once again Sky Direct Travel is here to assist you with an eye-catching list of exciting packages, which are specifically customized to meet your needs. Or you may create an absolutely amazing vacation from scratch by selecting from our lists of hotels, Ziarat options, transportation options and many other options. Moreover, our specialist team of tour consultants and client services officers is fully dedicated to create a perfect tour that suits your interest, budget and of course schedule. Call Sky Direct Travel today, or fill out an online query form. We will be truly happy to answer all your questions and assist you set up the Holy tour.

Company Name: Sky Direct Travel Ltd.
Company Number: 04261483
Address: 32 St Helens Rd, Bolton BL3 3NH

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